Different generation, different communication.

To connect to your target, a different communication is needed..

Communicating without being connected to your target is not a good idea. Our job is to choose the optimal way! With an optimal choice, you reduce investment costs. As an agency, our job is to evaluate and choose the best options for investments and sponsorships.

netgen entertainement is born of a real necessity for companies and agencies to understand the market of the esport and to invest it in an optimal way.

Touch digital natives in innovative ways.

the video game industry is more important than the movie industry.

The esport market is the way to connect with the new generation.

Belgian market counts for 4% of European fans



Your brand strategy

Creating your brand strategy according to the budget of your company instead of your objectives for your products.

Sponsorship strategy

Use sponsorship to support the success of your business, marketing, business and / or brand goals.

Audit of the sponsor strategy

Evaluate your current sponsor portfolio in terms of your strategy and / or goals, so that you have the best partner (s) and the right resources to achieve your goals.

Marketing Campaign Management

Manage marketing campaigns in the world of esport, large and small, in the short and long term.

Making content

Create and spread content related to your goal and according to un objectives

Organize online and / or offline events

From idea to management, we bring you the expertise of players to create an event that is focused on esport.


Introduce your brand to video game players!